How has constipation affected us?

Our lifestyle has changed over the years. This change is mostly beneficial for us but it has got some major drawbacks attached to it. The most influence has been upon our health. Our changed eating and sleeping habit has made constipation so common that one in every 3 people suffer from this disease. Not only its own problems, constipation also gives birth to its tributary diseases. Haemorrhoids, irritable bowel syndrome, intestinal obstruction and sometimes diabetes are the few diseases that are born from constipation.

What is constipation and how is it caused?

When the body lacks water and fiber in diet and the stool becomes hard due to inactivity, change in routine, certain medications it becomes hard to pass. This is called constipation. Body needs sufficient amount of water and fiber to regulate the digestive system. Also, if the body does not undergo required amount of physical activity it is likely to cause digestive problems. Sometimes Constipation occurs due to side effect of certain medicines. Stress is also one of the common cause of it.

How can we treat constipation?
  • Form a routine and work according to it. Inadequate sleep can affect digestion. People who sleep and wake early are the least victims of constipation.
Drinking sufficient water is very important. Know your bodies water requirements. For every 20 kg body requires 1 litre of water. A person of 70 kg will need to drink atleast 3.5 litres of water daily. Your body will need a couple of days to adjust but once it becomes a habit , trust me you won't even need a doctor ever for this problem.
  • If someone suffers from a kidney disease, then ask your doctor about your maximum water intake.
Consume fiber in a correct way. Psyllium husk , chia seeds and flax seeds are great source of fiber. But taking a spoonful of it at once may even dry your intestine and worsen the problem. Mix it in water and keep taking a sip of it throughout the day.
  • Go for a walk in morning or evening. This will reduce body's stiffness. Take fiber-rich fruits.
  • When problem increases, stop the intake of high protein, dairy and sugar in any form. Even chocolates promote constipation because these food items take longer to digest.
Pop in a pill for gas formation in the morning. It will reduce the strain.
  • Avoid too much lactulose solutions intake. Instead, prefer herbal laxatives in form of tea.
Avoid western toilets and go for Indian. Even researchers admit that indian system helps relieving the stomach.
  • Avoid processed food or eating outside. Preservatives will affect you badly. Deep fried and spicy food will increase the problem.
Stay happy. Stress is the reason for numerous health conditions. Meditate a little to relax your brain. Take morning's fresh air.