Relationship is a process of inclusion. If you include people as a part of you then there will no entanglement in your relationship''. 

The word relationship means to include other as part of you and it also means self-revelation or to discover oneself. But now the days people thinks that relationship means to attach with somebody, to use the feeling and emotions of other person and to use the physical body of others this or that etc. But you may say all these things are attachment, usage of others and whatever you say. But these things  (which are mentioned above) are a nonsense, not a relationship...

Here we will be highlight the 3 main reason of breakdown in relationships.

1. Misunderstandings between two people :- 

Sometimes, you have noticed that if a person creates the opposite image by listening to a person's gossip or seeing something despite the actual image. So a misunderstanding arises within his mind. Then the person who is a victim of misunderstanding becomes a contrary image in his mind. He keeps thinking about the opposite image all the time which makes his misunderstanding even stronger and unbreakable than before. He never speaks directly to the person whose opposite image is in his mind. Due to this, there is a rift and distance in the relationship. If that person talks directly to the person in front of them, then all the misunderstandings of his mind will go away. So talking is the only way to remove misunderstandings.

2. Having expectation from each other 

Expectation. Yes, expectation of distrust from each other is the second main reason for relationship breakdowns and injuries. Keeping hope means that the charge of our happiness and the charge of our sorrows are also in the hands of others. We have made our relationship like this in our life, no matter how good it is, we cannot be happy ourselves. The most intriguing thing is that you should understand that no human being in this world will be like us, it will not be exactly what we want or expect. They will be according to themselves as they are and not according to us as we wish. So for this reason there is no point in keeping expectations. If you want your relationship to be beautiful and strong then leave all your expectations in your relationship from today. This is the best way to live in relationships.

3. Ego of being right :- 

Many times, you must have noticed that there are small fights in the relationship. But sometimes these conflicts in the relationship also lead to confrontation. Instead of resolving these quarrels, people instead of apologizing to each other, lead the fight further by saying that I am right, so why should I apologize? See, not apologizing means that you do not appreciate your relationship nor do you value the front, you just have the ego to be right. Apologizing does not mean that you are wrong, it just means that you appreciate your relationship and know the importance of the front. So it is better that you go into the relationship even if it is wrong. This is the hallmark of a true and strong relationship. So it is better to bend not in an ego that breaks your relationship. In conclusion, I want to say that today you have the best chance to apologize to all those people, if tomorrow they are no more, then you will not get a chance to apologize to them and you will only have remorse in your heart.